Kristina – The most helpful agent in Brno

kristina During the summer we had a little competition going on in our offices. The goal was to motivate our agents to provide better and better service for our clients – and it worked! The Brno office has officially announced that Kristina Janů was the best agent of the office for she managed to help the most clients out of all the agents! And she won a nice prize, too! Here is a short interview with Krsitina about her accomplishment: First of all, congratulations! You are now officially the most helpful agent in Brno. What helped you achieve such an accomplishment? Well, I don’t think that I worked more or harder than my colleagues… maybe I was like the bulldog, you know biting the opportunities to answer to next accommodation request and make things happen, finishing the tasks. I’m very grateful that I’m working with such a great team here in Brno. Without my optimistic colleagues and supportive Office manager it will be much harder. So THANK YOU, girls! Has this season taught you anything new? Yes, this season taught me many important things. Actually it was my first season at, so I didn’t really know what is coming. It was like hurricane 🙂 Most of the time I was in flow, running for appointments with clients, the days were very short and fully filled, but at the end of the season I was very very very tired. So this season taught me that is also necessary to relax after work. Have some free time just for myself to do an activity, hobby that “charges my batteries” again 🙂 And I understood well this motto: “What I couldn’t manage today, I can do it tomorrow.” I learnt also some sales and communication skills. It’s a process and I like learning new things;) Have you had a favourite client? Or a funny story with a client? Funny stories… well I laugh a lot with my clients, mostly because they were funny and we found out that we have the same sense of humour 🙂 I was really delight to meet very nice and interesting people. With some of my clients we became friends. What I like about this job is that you are not travelling around the world, the world is coming to you. I enjoy very much to get know other foreigners, cultures, habits. It is enriching. I will never get bored of this. What have you won and how are you going to enjoy your prize? Luckily I won the most amazing price. I won a 3-day stay at wellness centre for 2 person! I’m very grateful to my bosses that they gave me such a beautiful bonus. After looking after my clients, somebody will look after and take care of me! Isn’t it awesome? 🙂 Thank you very much!

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