Kristina Janů – Brno Senior Relocation Consultant

Kristina Janů
Kristina Janů

What do you do at

I’m Senior Relocation Consultant, I help foreigners to find a suitable accommodation in Brno.

When did you start working at the agency? How do you remember your first days?

I started to work at in May this year and I was very pleased and thankful to my colleagues to teach me and giving me good advices in the start, which I much appreciated.

What part of your job is your favourite?

I like viewing the apartments with my clients, the moment when I see the interest in their eyes as they find the apartment ideal for them 🙂

And the least favourite?

Well, sometime could be stressful to deal with the problematic situations, especially when I’m defending my client’s rights, facing the owner. Wherever every situation has its own unravelling.

What did you actually want to become when you were a child?

I wanted to become a writer 🙂 And I did, actually. I published my first book – collection of poems – last year.

Where are you from? Have you ever lived outside the Czech Republic?

I was born in Prague, but I did not really live there, not for long time. My home town is Brno. I love this city. I lived 3 year in Germany, 3 months in Switzerland, 3 years in France 😉

What is your favourite country? Why?

My favourite country is France. For their “magnifique” clothes, interesting sightseeing, alive cities and the French cuisine, obviously 🙂

What is your favourite spot in Brno?

My favourite spot in Brno is the city centre and also the greenery and forest at the suburbs like at Líšeň. The same for Prague – I fell the history breathing from the buildings in the city centre as the National Museum at Václavské Square or Charles’ bridge. And I like the high spots (mountains/peaks/summits) from where is a perfect view on the landscape.

What do you like to do outside the office?

I like to take a walk in the forest, in-lines, and I like skiing in the winter. I like reading books and I enjoy to watch Americans TV series and French movies.

Is there anything you absolutely cannot live without?

Chocolate 🙂 And my family of course.

Is there a language that you haven’t learned but you would love to do so?

Yes, when I lived in Bordeaux in France, I met many Spanish people staying at the hotel when I worked as a receptionist. It gave me the idea to learn Spanish, but I was so occupied by improving my French and English that I didn’t have enough time start to learn it. It’s a shame 🙁 Maybe someday.