Household Insurance – Why and How

How carefully did you read your contract? Do you know that a lot of landlords add a clause about you being responsible for insuring your flat? Did you know that it’s very easy and cheap to insure your flat? No one likes to think of negative ‘what ifs’, but wouldn’t you rather be safe than sorry?

Enough with the questions, here are some facts and figures:

There are two different types of household insurance. One covers the building structure – this means the walls, floors, doors, windows and ceilings. This protects you if your neighbors flood you, if a burglar tries to break in and damages the door or if a pigeon flies into your window and cracks it. Those are just a few of many possible scenarios. The minimum cost for this insurance is 400 CZK, but can be a lot more based on the amount you want to ensure and what scenarios you want to have insured.

The other type of insurance protects your belongings. This includes furniture, jewelry, carpets, and shoes – anything that you carefully pick out, buy and keep in your flat. You can choose the amount that you want insured starting at from 440 CZK for 200,000 CZK for the most basic insurance; up to almost 600 CZK for a very good insurance that covers almost everything.

All these prices are per year. If you are interested in arranging insurance or getting advice on which insurance is the best, you can contact us at or if you are in Prague then

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