Hello to Our Former Intern and New PR Coordinator of Prague Office Nilo Castaldini!

Nilo Castaldini is the new PR coordinator in our Prague office but he is not a complete stranger because he has been with us under intern title since last April. Although was planning to be in the Czech Republic for 4 months he has found reasons to stay here. He’s kind of a very busy person, however, the master of time management with 5 different jobs.

Nilo Castaldini

Nilo, do you consider yourself as local after 6 months?
No, because I didn’t learn much Czech and I am still struggling with the language. I should have started since the beginning yet I suppose to be here for 4 months. Then I found a new contract and decided to stay. But in a sense, I am comfortable with travelling in the city. I know where to go, how to reach a certain venue more than in the beginning and so on.

What is the biggest difference between the Czech Republic and Italy?
It is completely different, for instance, the background and especially from a social point of view. In general, people are much different but it is not better or worse. For the rest food is good, the city is beautiful, life is great 🙂

Why did you extend your time in Prague?
Mainly job purposes. In Italy the unemployment rate is quite high. Thus, here finding a job is easier.

Let’s talk about your new title at Foreigners.cz. How do you feel about it?
I am feeling about the same. More or less I am doing what was I doing before but with more responsibility. Especially when I am creating new cooperations with other potential partners. New cooperations with other potential customers mean that I have to keep up with a lot of emails, try to decide when to meet somebody etc. Sort of, I am quite confident with working progress.

Little party at Foreigners.cz

What do you do in your leisure times?
Clubbing, meeting friends and drinking.

Tell us more about your other jobs. Share your secrets about your time planning.
Well, I am a disaster. I am trying to plan in advance but I tend to forget things constantly. The first job that I have beside the PR coordinator role at Foreigners.cz is an NGO that is dealing with nuclear disarmament, the second job is bar tendering which I’ve never done before. It takes a lot of effort to make cocktails, the third job is helping a friend with Airbnb, and the last one is dog sitting.

Nilo with his former flatmates

Do you have any funny story from any of those jobs?
Actually, it’s full of stories. For example, when I am dog sitting, the situation is not completely under my control. Running behind this dog which name is Pablo. I am running behind of him, calling “Pablo, Pablo come back here!” and he doesn’t listen running away after other dogs. And I can’t lose the owner’s dog! The other dog owners saying mine doesn’t bite but you never know. Plus I’ve never had a dog in my life, I just have a very nice fat cat that lives back in Italy. He is the opposite of what Pablo is.

How long are you planning to stay here?
My contract with the other company expires next March. Probably I won’t stay more than 1 year because I believe the world is too big to stay in a single place!

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Buse Ozdemir

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