Health and Emergency in Pilsen

Being healthy is the most important thing to enjoy your stay abroad without any worries. For your convenience, has listed useful contacts for emergency, medical and stomatology care offered by English speaking doctors.


In case of emergency you can use following phone numbers free of charge:

  • Police – 156, 158
  • Emergency Medical Service – 155
  • Fire Service – 150
  • Or a single emergency phone number 112

Medical care

If you have any medical concerns, you can visit these English speaking doctors and dentists in Pilsen:

Non-stop pharmacy

You can visit following pharmacies, which are open non-stop:


  • Vedilab, open Monday – Friday from 8:00 to 22:00, Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 to 19:00
  • Radek Herynk, clinic in the center, opening hours here

Annie Fed

6 thoughts on “Health and Emergency in Pilsen

  1. Mudr. Rudolf Červený does not take the insurance that was set up through Foreigners.

  2. Don’t go to EUC premium and especially the ORL part, they left me to die with pneumonia and told me to find another doctor.

    1. I CANNOT find English speaking Drs in Karlovy Vary or other Chech Hospitals Universal Health care is a joke! This is VERY bad.Its 2018.This makes the Czechs look stupid world wide! If any Czech Dr and his family go to England or EU and they get Very sick THEY will EXPECT to get treated!
      In Australia this is the same plus they have Translation service at ALL hospitals.What they did to you was ” breaching your Human Rights”

  3. Seriously it’s a real joke, in six years of Medicine hopefully the first lesson they taught you is morals and humanity. when you see a person seeking medical help regardless of his race, ethnicity, language etc instead of helping you let him die in pain?! really disappointed.. hopefully EU is gonna do something for ENGLISH SPEAKING PEOPLE in CZECH REPUBLIC!!!!!

  4. The link for Mudr. Rudolf Červený does not work. I am really lucky to have a Czech wife, who helps me with all of this but I also had a terrible experience a few years ago when I was rushed in with pneumonia, 90% of the staff were amazing but the heart specialist, the only one that really spoke English – basically screamed at me when after three days I asked for an update, he screamed that he was a Czech doctor in a Czech hospital and it wasn’t his job to speak English ! At that stage I got out of my bed pulled out all the cables & lines that I was hooked up to and called my wife to pick me up. Fortunately she was able to get all the medication and continue my treatment at home, so I can at least be around to tell the tale !

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