Family Activities In Prague

Prague is a famous travel destination for a few different reasons, but perhaps most of all because it’s just so unique in appearance. In some respects the definitive medieval/gothic city among Europe’s capitals, with beautiful baroque buildings, a fascinating Old Town, and all kinds of interesting monuments and statues. It’s these features that make Prague an interesting city for everyone from traveling students to adults with an interest in history.

Steam train in Prague

But what if you’re actually traveling to Prague with your family, and you need activities to fill the days and nights with aside from sightseeing and wandering? Fortunately there’s a great deal to do in this situation, even if specific activities often take a back seat to the sights of the city.

Like many other rivers in capital cities, the Vlatva in Prague is famous for its visual allure and for offering relaxing activities to adults. There’s a huge variety of Prague river cruises that you can take, including a trip to the zoo, steamboat voyages to other cities, and a sightseeing tour through the historical center of the capital. The river can be fun for people of all ages. But Zofin Island, in the middle of the river, is a particularly excellent attraction for families with kids, even if they happen to be quite young. There’s a playground area for kids, complete with a kind of model of a steam train (and we all know that young children almost universally adore trains). There are opportunities for boating, which may appeal to slightly older kids. And there are a few different restaurants on the island, appropriate for people of all ages and ideal for an afternoon away from the hustle and bustle of the greater city.

The O2 Arena

I mentioned the zoo while discussing river cruises, and it seems reasonable to give it its own category as long as we’re talking about family-friendly attractions! Needless to say, a zoo is often the perfect option for parents looking for entertaining kids (and enjoy themselves in the process). As it happens, this zoo is particularly excellent for the little ones, as it comes complete with a petting zoo, a playground, and climbing structures – which will let the kids get right to work on any new moves they might pick up from the monkeys!

This is a venue rather than a specific activity, but it’s worth keeping on your list. And in fact, the O2 Arena just got a fairly significant publicity boost worldwide when it hosted the inaugural Laver Cup for men’s tennis, which incidentally was launched by the sport’s biggest star. Heading into 2017, Roger Federer was largely counted out due to a knee injury; a preview of the Australian Open said it would be a fairy tale if he won the title, and yet that’s just what he did, ultimately winning Wimbledon as well. Federer impossibly catapulted his stardom to new heights, and, along with some other big names in the sport, made the Laver Cup happen in the midst of it all. It was a wonderful sporting competition, and one that should only enhance the draw of the arena moving forward. Where family activity is concerned, however, you needn’t wait for a major tennis tournament. The arena hosts concerts, performances, and sporting events of all kinds. Coming up, it will even show case Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets while a live audience plays the music!

Prague Sea World

This may be the most unique Prague attraction for families and kids. While in ways it resembles some fun house and carnival activities, it has the advantage of existing inside a virtual castle. Technically it’s actually a “Lookout Tower“, built for the 1891 Prague Exposition and towering above the city on Petrin Hill. Basically, it’s exactly what it calls itself – a maze of mirrors that can trick the senses and keep you entertained for quite some time, first finding your way and then playing around with various distortions.

Much like the zoo, the Sea World in Prague is basically guaranteed to amuse your young ones. The name is a little bit misleading, as this isn’t quite the sprawling park the likes of which America’s “Sea Worlds” contain. But it is effectively a large aquarium, and one with plenty of interesting marine life for your children (and you) to enjoy.

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