Which Enjoyable Benefits Come with a Residence Permit?

Would you like to purchase internet services, apply for a mortgage, register your car or be able to return to Czechia in case of emergencies? If you are an EU citizen or a family member of an EU citizen living in Czechia, you will be able to with a residence permit. Although applying for one may seem like too much of a bother, the benefits greatly outweigh the bureaucracy. Above all, they will make your life in Czechia much easier.

The main benefit of acquiring a residence permit in Czechia is that you will be issued a “rodné číslo” (birth number). This is a vital identification number used for many different things in Czechia (similar to the social security number in the USA), including all of the cases listed below. There is no other way to get a birth number than through a residence permit.


residence permit

Applying for a residence permit will make your life in Czechia so much easier.


Get your COVID-19 vaccine in Czechia

With a residence permit, you can now register for a COVID-19 vaccine in Czechia, even if you’re not covered by public insurance.

All you need to bring to the vaccination location once you’re registered is:

  • A document that verifies your identity
  • A document that verifies your residence permit/visa 
  • Money (preferably a card, but some locations may accept cash as well) – the price should not exceed CZK 810 per dose

Haven’t registered yet? You can sign up for your vaccine here. Once you’ve been given both doses, you can contact your commercial insurance company to ask them to reimburse you. 




Purchase internet services in Czechia

You may not know this, but as it stands now, a number of Czech internet companies (including Vodafone and T-Mobile) will not sell internet services to foreigners unless they have a residence permit. Therefore, if you move into an apartment without internet access and you need to purchase one, you might find it difficult or impossible.

The easiest way to deal with this issue is to apply for a residence permit. Once you have a residence permit, no one will refuse to provide you services anymore.




Exchange your driver’s licence, register your car

Let’s say you move to the Czech Republic from Cyprus. In theory you can simply jump into a car and drive. However, if you want to obtain or exchange your driver’s licence, you need to wait for 185 days to be able to do that, unless you have a residence permit

The same applies to buying a new car. You need to wait for 185 days to be able to register it in your name. This means that nobody will sell it to you before that – even if there is a valid contract and everything.

Again, getting a residence permit would solve this issue. In fact, it wouldn’t even be an issue in the first place.


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Come back to Czechia during emergencies

As you may remember, there was a time during the first COVID-19 lockdown in 2020 when foreigners living in Czechia weren’t able to return back to the country if they left it for some reason. They were only allowed to cross the borders if they had a residence permit

Even though this issue is no longer valid (EU citizens can cross the border freely), you never know what might happen in the future. 

Applying for a residence permit will provide you with a feeling of security. You will no longer have to be anxious about when you might and might not be allowed to cross the border, because you’ll be registered here.




Acquire a trade licence

Those who want to become freelancers in Czechia will need a residence permit to get their trade licence (known in Czechia as “Živnostenský list”).

In fact, for non-EU nationals especially, a trade licence is valid depending on the validity of your current permit or visa, so acquiring a residence permit is vital. 

You should also remember that if you want to work as a freelancer in Czechia, you will need health insurance. If you are an EU citizen or a citizen of the USA or Turkey or already have permanent residence, you’ll need to pay public health insurance. If you come from a third country, you’ll need to acquire private/commercial health insurance.


Pay in instalments, apply for loans and mortgages

In addition to these bigger benefits, there are smaller benefits to having a residence permit. Things you might normally not think about until you need them. For example, you might need a residence permit if you want to pay for something in instalments instead of one large sum of money. 

The same applies to loans and mortgages when you go to a bank or when you’re dealing with Czech authorities




Get your permanent residency easily

Finally, if you’ve acquired a temporary residence permit (or a certificate of temporary residence), once you decide to apply for permanent residency, the process will be much smoother. 

When applying for a permanent residence permit, you need to prove that you’ve been living here for 5 years. Your temporary residence permit (or a certificate of temporary residence) will help you out with that

You can acquire a temporary residence permit or a certificate of temporary residence as soon as after 3 months of living in Czechia.  

Have we intrigued you with these benefits? Would you like to apply for your residence permit now? Get in touch with us and we will gladly take your case and help you with everything. Let’s make sure that your life in Czechia is as comfortable as possible.


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  1. Hi Tereza,

    Hope you are well.
    I didn’t see anything on the blog about recent Prague Metro price changes that I heard about today.
    Do you have any info on that?

    Take care,

    1. Hi Wole,
      We’d love to help you out! Where in the Czech Republic are you relocating to? Do you already have a job or are you moving to a family member?
      If you haven’t got a job yet, you need to do that first and then we can help you with your visa/permit.
      You can contact us at info@foreigners.cz and we will look into your case.


  2. Hello Tereza,

    I have obtained a temporary residence permit on the 10th of may 2021, I’m from third world state, and I’m married to a Czech Citizen since 28th of Nov 2020.
    When am I eligible to obtain my PR in CZ? When can I apply? I have ICO and they are currently working on my birth number as well. I have a PZVP insurance.
    Thank you

    1. I Ahmad,
      You can only apply for permanent residency after you’ve been in the CZ for 5 consecutive years. There is no way around it, I’m afraid.
      We can help you with your PR once you’re eligible. Email us at info@foreigners.cz!


      1. I think you need to re check that with the ministry of foreign as i have been told by them that if you are married with CZ citizen you are eligible for the PR after 2 years.
        can you kindly confirm that ?

        Thank you

        1. Hi Ahmad,
          ohhh you might be right. I’ll double-check with our immigration specialist and get back to you, thanks!


        2. Hi again!
          You were right, I just double-checked with our team and it’s 2 years.
          If you need help with applying for the permit, feel free to use our services! 🙂

          Thanks for the questions!

          1. Hello
            Thank you so much for the confirmation.
            I believe I have to complete a A2 level Czech Language exam too.

            I will contact you via Email.

            Thank you and have a good one.

          2. You too, Ahmad! We look forward too cooperating with you!
            Hope you’re enjoying your life in the Czech Republic!


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