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New Year, new service! That is how Foreigners.cz start their 2016. We do what we do because together we move the world forward and because our clients and their needs are priority number one for us always. That is the main reason why we decided to launch our new service “Apartment sales”. The beginning of the new year and the launching of the new service are a good opportunity to present you an interview with Andrea Tkačuková, co-owner and CEO of Foreigners.cz.  She talks about expat’s needs when relocating in the Czech Republic, the main services which they need assistance for and their trendy demands.

Andrea Tkačuková
Andrea Tkačuková


  1. What is the mission of Foreigners.cz?

Our mission is to help foreigners in the Czech Republic. They could be expats who come to work or students who come here to study at the university. We help them with all the services which they may need when coming or already living in the Czech Republic and not speaking Czech.

  1. What in particular do you help a foreigner with?

The first thing everyone always needs when moving to a new country is to find accommodation so we help with finding the right apartment for them, then or even before moving to Czech Republic we arrange the immigration issues, if they need such, and with everything they need to settle down smoothly in the Czech Republic. We are trying to reduce the amount of stress to minimum which comes with relocation so it means we are explaining how things work here especially when it is totally different to what they are used to.

  1. Which service do expats search for the most and why?

Well, as I already mentioned, the first issue a newcomer has to tackle is to find a suitable place to live in and to find his own way of leading a life in the Czech Republic, so the most requested service is apartment rental. Many foreigners who relocate here search for information about accommodation in advance, before they arrive, so another frequently used service is relocation consultation before their arrival.  We provide them this service so that they can orientate what life here is like, what prices for renting a flat, types of apartments are and so on. We also suggest some properties to them and sometimes they just rent a flat straight away, we sort out all the details distantly and then they move in immediately after their arrival.

  1. What are the reasons for introducing the new service – property sales?  

It is mainly because we got many demands about that type of service so we thought that it would be a good idea to extend our real estate service from only flat rentals to apartment/house sales as well. We try to make foreigners feel at home and we like to help as much as we can, however from the business point of view we must be sure we know the service we provide so that it is a good quality service. That is also the reason why it took us a few years to launch sales.

  1. What are the main obstacles and conditions which expats encounter during the process of buying a property in the Czech Republic? 

The main obstacle for expats is of course the lack of knowledge of Czech language and not knowing how the Czech system works at all. Actually, this is a universal obstacle which they face and that is why they use not only our real estate services but also services as immigration assistance, certified translations, legal assistance, etc.

  1. How beneficial could be the buying of an apartment in the Czech Republic?

There are many reasons why a foreigner could decide to buy an apartment in the Czech Republic. First of all, it could be a good decision as the prices of the properties in the Czech Republic are much more affordable compared with the prices of the properties in other European countries. Moreover, it could be a wise investment as instead of paying a monthly rent, they can pay the mortgage for a certain period of time and after that they will own the apartment.  Such a decision is quite suitable for expats who relocate here to work for companies on a long-term contract, some of them spend several years here and some stay to live here forever. On the other hand, it could be beneficial for students’ parents as their children usually spend here more than one year and after the graduation some of them settle down here so it is an investment for the future.

Author: Nadya Dyakova, PR intern of Foreigners.cz Brno 

Nadya Dyakova

10 thoughts on “Apartment sales – the new service by Foreigners.cz

  1. Foreigners.cz should give a better service when they rent flats to foreigneres. I ended up in a degraded area of the city but I realized it only after relocating there.

    1. Hello Sophia,

      Could you please specify the area of the city in which you got a flat? It would be nice if you also explain us the whole problem/situation.

      Thank you,
      Nadya from Foreigners.cz Brno

  2. I’m interested in buying a apartment in HK. Can you help me pls. Thanks.

  3. I am still trying to get a response to my email. Is this webb site still active?

  4. Hi I am a Uk citizen interested in investing in property in Prague for rental purposes.Is this permissible.

    1. Hello, thank you for your comment, we are glad that you like our service and will be happy to help in the future if needed!:) Have a nice day

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