Get most of the 2021 Lockdown Valentine’s Day 

Are you worried you won’t be able to properly celebrate the St. Valentine’s day that falls on Sunday, February 14 since there are no restaurants or cafés open due to the current coronavirus situation? Keep reading to find a few tips on how to spice up this popular feast of love if you live in Prague!

Valentine´s day heart
This year, Valentine´s day falls on this Sunday, February the 14th

Romantic walk

As we learnt in our latest post, the people of Prague enjoy spending time in the city’s lovely parks and nature. Now that we have this beautiful winter atmosphere, why not take advantage of it and take a romantic fairytale-like stroll on the beautiful banks of the Vltava river. Else you can visit one of many wonderful parks Prague offers e.g. Stromovka, Riegrovy sady, Petřín, Divoká Šárka, Letná… 

Sweeten your Valentine´s day

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” (and it is no different for women, right girls? ) 

With restaurants being closed now, we assume that this year’s Valentine’s day will be marked by special delivery deals.

So sweeten your Valentine’s day in the form of a delicious piece of cake from your favourite local bakery/coffee shop. This way you will not only please your senses but also support the local coffee shops, restaurants and bakeries 🙂

Those who haven’t got the sweet tooth can also have a takeaway from the numerous restaurants in Prague.

Movie-like evening, literally!

Do you want to end your Valentine’s day in a rather unique way? The Drive-in cinema Strahov is still open! 

Just imagine, you and your loved one watching a romantic movie in a carSo if you want to be part of this atmosphere, we recommend you to check on their program. We are sure they have prepared something special for Valentine’s day 😉

In addition to that, on the way to/from the cinema, we suggest you stop on the way, to enjoy the view of the night Prague that Strahov offers.


After all, it doesn’t matter how you will spend Valentine’s day but with whom! Isn’t it? The most important thing is that the day  is spent in the company of your loved one

And a note for those who are single. Although it seems like February 14 is meant to be spent in a couple, there are actually plenty of reasons why enjoying this day on your own is even better. Celebrate the day exactly the way you want! There is still a possibility of wandering around Prague. Who knows, maybe you will discover some new places! Or you can still order your favourite meal and treat yourself with an extra piece of cake 😉 Or if you do not feel like sitting alone in the drive-in cinema surrounded by those lovebirds make yourself your own movie marathon. Enjoy your favourite saga or series from the comfort of your cozy home. Still, there is a pandemic striking out there, at least you will be safe. Basically, do what you like the most! You can still dedicate the holiday to love, to love for yourself which is the most important!

We hope these tips inspired you on how to spend your Valentine’s, whether alone or in couples and we are certain that you will enjoy it as much as possible!

Love, Foreigners xx




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