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Located in the heart of Europe, Berlin, the German capital is rich both historically and culturally. It is a perfect place to travel for a weekend with friends or your family.


The bus from Prague is the most economical way to get to Berlin, a round trip ticket costs about 30-40 €. The journey lasts 4 hours 30 minutes with wifi, a free drink and a multimedia tablet inlaid in the seat if you choose the company Régiojet.

A round trip ticket by train costs between 50 and 80 €,  for a duration of 4 up to 10 hours depending on the changes.

If you prefer to travel by plane it lasts less than an hour and you can find a ticket from 70 €.


Likewise, all big cities Berlin has a lot of possibilities of accommodation: Airbnb, hotel or youth hostel so you can find the one that fits your budget and expectations.

If you are searching for a cheap hostel the Generator is one of the options. It’s a huge building but with a very friendly atmosphere! But maybe you prefer something cozier such as Absolut guesthouse or something more modern and comfortable such as Gat Point hotel.

Activities and points of view

Berlin is a complex city in terms of culture, rich in its historical past, whether good or bad and proud of its artistic present. In case you love old buildings or graffiti you will enjoy Berlin for sure!

The Berlin’s architecture and its unusual history make this city an essential cultural step in Europe.

First of all, the Brandenburg Gate, the starting point for a good number of visits and the symbol of the Cold War. This building built by Carl Gotthard Langhans in 1791 has become iconic thanks to its history.

From this point, you can explore the Mitte district with its famous monuments, for example, Reichstag building or the checkpoint Charlie (another symbol of the Cold War) as well as Potsdamer Platz. I really advise you to “get lost” in the center of the city to discover all the old buildings and enjoy a currywurst on your way on the Deutscher Dom square for instance.

After this break, why not go for a stroll along the Berliner Dom to enjoy a museum of your choice (Neues Museum, Pergamon Museum, and Museumsinsel)? From there you can easily reach Alexander Square and  Fernsehturm. Don’t miss the incredible view of this tower!

Berliner Dom

If you prefer an alternative way you will love Berlin for its art areas. You can start your visit in the district of Kollwitzkiez where you find a lot of graffiti and hipster bars, especially in Kastanienallee. After a coffee at Spreegold, you can go to the district of Friedrichshain where you see street graffiti mainly in Rigaer street, and some urbex spots. But Friedrichshain is also the district of East side gallery, one of the most famous places of Berlin.

If it’s raining and you want to have you artistic & alternative shot go to Sammlung Boros, a nazi bunker reconverted into a museum of modern art.

East Side Gallery

Another of your stops may be the famous park of Berlin, the Tiergarten where you enjoy nature and the view on Berlin from the Berlin Victory Column. Your stroll can be finished at Schloss Charlottenburg.

Berlin Victory Column

Berlin is also known for its fierce nights and typical German gastronomy. The most famous club of Berlin is Matrix club a big club famous for his diversities of music. If you prefer electro music  Watergate will be your place. But before going in a club you may want to drink something in a bar. You won’t get disappointed by the abundance of bars of any kind, for example, the Kosmetiksalon Bar Babette, a mixture of a bar and a nightclub with an art spirit and some concerts, but also cozy summer bars and bars like Das Gift, Z-Bar, Pratergarten, Tiree and famous Dr. Pong.

View of Berlin

Before leaving Berlin, consider eating a typical dish such as a currywurst or a bratwurst or enjoy a moment in a good restaurant. In the German capital, you can find a restaurant of any budget. If you want a gastronomic one, Facil will fit you perfectly! If you are searching for a more simple place you will enjoy the Flamingo bar. And finally, if you want a typical German restaurant you can go to Dickie Wirtin.

Enjoy your trip!





Clement Thonneau

Clement Thonneau

Thanks to my studies I was able to travel, especially in Brazil where I learnt that the integration in a country passes by all the small information collected. That's why I take care to help you in your life in Prague through my publications. So, enjoy!

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