The secret of traditional Moravian punch: an interview with Vinarstvi Petratur

As December rolls in and the weather starts to show signs of winter, the highly anticipated traditional Czech markets light up the city of Brno and lifts the spirits of the people. The markets offer locals and expats a variety of Christmas goods, including: holiday decor, handmade hats, jewellery and let’s not forget the most sought after traditional beverage; ”svařák” (or as we know it in English, mulled wine).  From the warm fuzzy holiday feeling it gives you when you drink it to the aroma it emanates of cinnamon and spice, I think most people can agree that hot wine is one of the most popular items at the markets, for the way it basically captures Christmas in a cup. I sat down with Vinařství Petratur’s Brno Cottage Manager, Vladi Kratochvílová to learn more about the secrets behind their delicious offerings of hot wine and traditional Moravian Punch, being sold at the Brno Christmas markets this year. Where did the name “Vinařství Petratur” come from? Vinařství in English means winery and Petratur is the wine maker’s last name.  The winery is family run with traditions dating back to the 18th century; it was officially founded in 1934. Today, the winery is run by father and son: Zdeněk and Tomáš Petratur. The family duo compliment each other in the business and together have been quite successful in producing high-quality wine. “While the winery is family-run and homemade, the wine engineers are professionals who for many years studied the art of wine making,” explains Vladi. There are six main wine sub-regions in the Czech Republic, each region has different elements in the soil which adds to the unique flavour of the wine. Vinarstvi Petratur, for example, is located in the south-eastern part of the Czech Republic, in Slovácko.  Unlike many Moravian sub-regions, the vineyards in Slovácko grow in a soil with clay components, helping to retain water in the vines even during dry summers. This results in high-quality, bold wines. “Once you try our wine and either like it right away, or develop a taste for it, you will love it for the rest of your life!,” Vladi explains. What ingredients go into making your delicious traditional Moravian punch? Vladi shared the secret to the basis of a great Moravian punch: high quality wine that’s made with love!  The winery stands out for their line of high quality products, as they try their best to keep their wine offerings as organic as possible. “There’s a lot more thought that goes into the creation of punch than you would think, „Vladi explains. “Each year the type of wine used in the punch is different. You really need to experiment with different wines to see how they taste after they are cooked.” Aside from wine, Božkov rum and other spices are added to create a unique flavour. The quality is also evident in the fact that the winery does not water down their products for the Christmas markets. ” “The wine is great on its own so there is no need to add water.” What kind of wine do you offer at your cottages in the Christmas markets? “We offer something for everyone!” Vladi states. The winery has its own brand established in 2007, called Lucanus. The Lucanus line is a special cuvée (or blend) of different grapes that is created by both wine makers.” Together, both father and son puts their ideas into the wine and create these amazing blends that are really popular among our customers,” Vladi explains. Here is a list of a few of wines that Vladi recommended to try when you visit their cottage: 2014 special – Pohlazení od Vladěnky – rosé wine mixed with punch, Malibu and coconut. Yum! Muller Thurgau – this is a great option for people who like their wine on the sweet side. Ryzlink Rynsky (Riesling) –  a personal favorite of Vladi’s and is great option if you are looking to bring a bottle home to your family for the holidays! Tramin – a typical wine for the area, that everyone should try! Rose – for those who enjoy rose wine, this year’s rose offering is fantastic on the palate! Along with the drink itself you can choose from a variety of nuts and fruit to add.

Looking to get away this holiday season? Vinarstvi Petratur offers beautiful accommodations, wine tasting and food and wine pairing! A traditional Czech breakfast is included in the package which includes špek (Czech bacon) tvarůžky (cheese) and škvarková pomazánka, a homemade spread! For more details check out their website: Vinarstvi Petratur has two locations in the Brno Christmas market! Try one of their delicious beverages besides Vaňkovka, at Moravské náměstí or at Naměstí Svobody (Freedom Square)! Na zdraví!! Cheers!!

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