The PragueTV Party

On the 31st of May, Prague.TV will organize an all-inclusive Party at Hoffa Bar Prague in the city center in celebrate of its 12 year anniversary. It will be the first event of a 2 month long series of celebrations.

What is Prague.TV?


This company is mainly a Web portal, very fully on all of activities, recommendations, and also business links in Prague. You will find several topics whose more important are:

  • Directory
  • Real Estate
  • Jobs
  • Classifieds
  • Restaurants
  • Relocation
  • Events
  • Cinema
  • Visitors guide

This website is essentially for foreigners living in Prague, visiting or just interested by the Czech Capital. It is a valuable source when you are looking to discover recommended places, current events, and all of tips and tricks to become integrated in the Prague life.

Prague.TV has a partnership with, so if you want to meet with us, or ask some questions, suggestions, etc. you can find us at the party.

The event

The program of an “all inclusive” party isn’t really different of a normal party in a bar, but at this party you will pay an entrance fee and the buffet, drinks, and a live DJ concert is included.

DJ Robot will be performing at the event!

A cover band and a DJ will be presents

You can find the buffet menu, the free drinks list and other information about the event, particularly the booking link here


I had some questions about the event so I sat down with the event organizer, Markus Klos Business Development Manager of / Prague Monitor and

1) What can you tell us about PragueTV? And what about Lime&Tonic Prague? Who organizes the event?

Markus: Prague TV is an online city guide/magazine serving tourists coming to Prague and English-speaking expatriates already living in the city. We act as a bridge between Prague’s English-speaking and Czech-speaking communities  We provide information on entertainment, culture, dining, shopping, business, accommodation, real estate, education, health, and travel, and aim to cover all aspects of life in Prague.

Lime and Tonic are our partners and friends and we use their great system for our ticketing….

2) Since how long do you prepare for this event?

M: The idea for this event was born in connection with our 12th anniversary … it’s the first event of a full series of events that will happen every last Friday of the month – our next event will take place at Jama’s – one of the original American restaurants in Prague…

3) Will there be lot of foreigners at the event or principally Czech people?

M: This event will host expatriates from all around the world and local Czech people – Prague.TV has now been available for 12 years and we provide useful information for all English speaking people in the City… A lot of Czech people also using our service, as they have been away for work and now back in the country and want to stay in touch with foreigners to keep practicing their language …

4) All of the food and drinks will be free during the party?

M: Our partner Hoffa Restaurant in cooperation with us, has prepared an all-inclusive event – we have included food and drinks…. Just shots or cocktails are not included… our plan is to provide free beers, wine, and non-alcoholic drinks until midnight or until the budget is used… so maybe even longer then midnight 🙂

Beer, Wine and foods will be all inclusive

5) Apart from DJ Live, there will be other activities during the party?

M: We start with some nice party background music… in addition to DJ Robot the highlight is the fantastic Prague Replay Band. They are known as the best cover band in Prague playing songs from U2, Oasis and more… this band will rock the venue …

6)      Do you already plan other events?

M: Yes, as said before – this is a first event of a series of 12. We want to offer events what are affordable for everyone… and most important it’s a combination of great food, drinks and a lot of fun!

I would like to thank Markus Klos for taking the time to answer me and now we are waiting for the party!

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