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In the Czech capital , a car is not very practical. When I arrived in November, it was essential to get myself a transport card immediately. I was fortunate to have my colleague Lucy help me with getting my transport card. With the arrival of our new team member, it was my turn to help somebody make their transport card.

The procedure

There are two ways to make your transportation card.
You can go directly to an office for an Opencard and you will take a form that you fill out directly in the offices. I think the forms are only in Czech and in addition it is a more restrictive because the office fills up with pushy people. I personally had to restart filling-in the form three times, because erasures are not accepted.
The second option is to go to the Opencard website. The explanations are in English and you can print the form directly from the site.

The main elements to get the card:

  • The Application form (two copies)
  • Consent to processing personal details (two copies)
  • A photo ID 35x45mm that will be returned
  • A passport or a valid identity card.

You can go to the Customer Centre Opencard- Palac Adria and they print your card on the spot. The cost for this card is 250CZK. You can find other centres to make the card with opening hours.

Once the card is received, you can go to a metro station to add credit to your transport card. You can choose the length of time, depending on your requirements. Don’t be surprised if you are greeted by unfriendliness in the office when you are adding credit to your transport card.
The longer period of time, the cheaper the ticket. Unfortunately, you cannot buy 6-9 months length for your transport card validity. The ‘charming’ employee explained this to me by wildly shouting in Czech. 🙂
Here you can see the options for length of time you can purchase and the price.

Price formulas

Then if you are not sure how long your card is credited you can find machine in most metro stations.

Valid or not

Finally, if you lose your card transport during your stay, you can find procedure on how to proceed here.

Other solutions

If you have friends who come to visit for the weekend and you don’t want to buy tickets, you can purchase passes at most metro stations.

Weekend pass

Opencard is valid for all public transport, tram, metro, and bus, except the Airport Express. The Airport Express costs 60 CZK from the central station to Prague airport. For more information on schedules just click here.

Take public transport and for those who want to learn more about the history of metro and tram in Prague and discover or rediscover another article on this topic.

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    1. Disagree with Mr Singer, this is a very informative and useful page and thanks are due to the author(s).

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