Must Have Czech Apps – vol. 2

A lot of you found first article about  Czech apps* for your mobile very useful. So here is part 2 you all have been waiting for!

*all apps are in Czech – a fun way to practice your language skills. However, there is always a chance for improvement with experienced language teachers.

Never get lost with map in your mobile! This app will define your current location, so that you can easily plan your route. will bring you from A and B without stress and hassle. Simply feel confident wherever you go.

Slevomat (


This app is named after a popular website Slevomat’s mission is to bring you new culinary experiences, beauty treatments, tickets to various events, vouchers for shopping and other great deals. Always with unbeatable discounts of up to 90%.


This app allows you to listen to music of all sorts and genres. Basically, it’s an internet radio, which offers a great variety of free tracks. Do you feel like blues, techno or rock?

Czech Post
Czech Post (


Which means Post Online in translation from Czech. A very useful app if you send letters or packages to your friends and family abroad. With PostaOnline you can easily track your shipments in your phone and make sure they arrive on time.

English-Czech dictionary

I guess this app doesn’t need a special introduction 🙂 An English-Czech dictionary with approx. 65,000 translation pairs. Always there to help you find the right words!

Annie Fed