MIMSA & Foreigners.cz – MIMSA CUP and BBQ

The BBQ and FUTSAL SUMMER CUP organized by MIMSA and Foreigners.cz Brno was a great moment! I want to say thank you to the MIMSA Team for the organization of this event. This sunny day was a day of sport. This event took place in the International School of Brno. It was a competition of football 5vs5 in a kind of indoor field. There were a total of 10 teams composed of 5 to 10 players. And 2 more special entrants: girl teams for a total of 12 teams. So congratulations to the organizers for arranging it during this short day. For our part we were 7 in the Foreigners.cz teams (girls and boys teams). There were in total 22 matches during the day. The Foreigners.cz boy team started well with 7 points at the middle of the day. But we can’t say the same about the end of the afternoon. Because we missed the final. But we can be proud of our Foreigners.cz Girls Team, they won the silver medal. During the day we shared a good BBQ (sausage and chicken) for lunch. And had some breaks with shisha and/or beer, depending on the teams. Maybe this could be a reason for our defeat J. Thank you to all for playing on behalf of Foreigners.cz team and everyone else for coming! I would like to inform those who love sports, and more specifically those who enjoy volleyball. That during the summer we organize Beach volleyball matches, every two weeks. The dates will be published very soon. Stay tuned.


5 thoughts on “MIMSA & Foreigners.cz – MIMSA CUP and BBQ

  1. So far, with little or no Muslim popolatiun, and a relatively recent experience of totalitarianism, it’s been relatively plain sailing for Eastern Europe when discussing the Religion of Peace… but whether that’s due to some inherent strength in this part of the world, or just pure luck, is another question.With ever more kebab shops opening up (one on most street corners here in Warsaw), Turkish consortiums building subway systems and more and more Muslims coming to study, or just visit and “sample the delights”, my fear is that the latter is the case, and that a level of political correctness similar to that in countries to the West is just around the corner.Indeed, members of one of the key parties in the upcoming Polish elections this Sunday once broke into a regional parliament to put up a Star of David and Islamic crescent next to the existing Cross. Its popularity is rising rapidly just before the election and its leader, campaiging on a platform of an ideological war against the Catholic Church, is one of the most popular political figures.This despite most Poles on the street – on both the Left and the Right – being decidedly against Islam… however, with Islamic groups keeping a low profile, and with far more pressing issues on most peoples’ minds (such as getting that new car, fridge or a 400 sq ft apartment on a 30-year loan), will people wake up before it’s too late?Eastern Europe is following the West, but still always that bit behind. If it wants, it can decide – which aspects of the West it wants to adopt, and which it wants to reject? Eastern Europeans can go to Western countries and see their own countries 20 years down the line, if everything continues on its current path. In other words, Eastern Europe has an opportunity to easily look “ahead in time” – an opportunity that perhaps has not before existed in any part of the world. But in the rush for more money, better careers, more sexual freedom and less religious dogma, this is one issue that has been forgotten. The most dangerous diseases are the ones that grow without being noticed – such as cancer – and attack the patient when they least expect it. Like cancer, Islamisation develops silently… and at the moment, its targets in Eastern Europe remain in blissful ignorance.

  2. Det där hände ju 2006..? Tvivlar pÃ¥ att enbart det skulle vara anledningen. “Betalningstvister” mellan spotlife och blogg.se, det däremot skulle vara intressant att heta mer om.. Kanske inte är det enda konstiga som finns att luska reda pÃ¥.

  3. Dersom man ikke tar hensyn til bosted til stemmegivende gir man i praksis østlandet makt over hele resten av Norge. Fortell meg hvorfor dette er hensiktsmessig.Forøvrig er det bred politisk enighet om valgordningen. Jensen og Solberg visste om den, for å si det sånn, og de protesterte ikke i forkant. Ei heller i etterkant, sett sånt, de ser vel hvor teit en sånn klage ville vært; det er stort sett bare uvitende FrP-velgere som klager nå.

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