How to find an Apartment in the Czech Republic

Czech Republic offers unlimited possibilities for every type of budget. Finding an apartment is definitely not an issue. Let’s take a closer look at the accomodation options in Czech Republic!

Options for students

Even being on a student budget you still have a few options to choose from. Dormitories are a possibility for those who are very openminded and love socializing and meeting new people. However, dorm rooms have a lack of privacy, it can also get very noisy and you might not have enough comfort for studying. The other common option is to share the apartment with your fellow students. From financial point of view the price is roughly the same, no surprise, but sometimes dorms can be more expensive than a private room in a shared apartment. Though living in a shared apartment, you get to choose the location, size of the room and your future flatmates. Prices may vary greatly, check our website for the respective city to get a better idea.

Renting an apartment

 In case you decided to rent an apartment it’s safer to rely on a professional agency. Some people hesitate to pay the agency fee, but seeking for apartment on your own, you might end up living in a bad part of town or paying much more than you should simply because you might not understand the terms and conditions. Also, we would like to mention that is not a real estate agency and the fee we require is also for the services after you move in – communication with the landlord and any problems that might occur regarding you stay is taken care by us. No such thing is offered by standard real estate agencies!

Apartment for rent
Apartment for rent

Signing a contract

When renting an apartment, you will be required to sign a lease contract, usually in Czech language. lease contracts are an exception, since they are bilingual. Make sure the lease contract respects the New Civil Code. There is usually a deposit (traditionally one month’s worth of rent) required by the landlord. The landlord does not come to your apartment to check it, you may never see him, especially when you find the apartment through an agency. Don’t forget to arrange a household insurance, we strongly recommend it!

Utility bills

Rent and utilities are paid monthly. It’s common to pay the provider of utilities directly. Utilities are paid as deposits – every year you will receive a bill of actual consumption and either get money back or pay the extra expenses. Tap water in every apartment is absolutely safe for drinking. Internet connection is sometimes pre-arranged, it is pretty easy to arrange by yourself though. Largest internet providers are e.g. UPC or Telefónica O2. Apartments are either not furnished, partly furnished or fully furnished. Sometimes the landlord is willing to furnish the apartment upon agreement. While heating is a standard, air condition is not common at all. Take a look at our practical guide on How to heat up your apartment effectively and avoid mold in the winter?

Living for every budget
Living for every budget

Make your living comfortable

Laundry rooms in the apartment buildings are not common, usually everyone has his own washing machine. There are laundry services around the cities, but not many. Dryers are also not very common in the Czech Republic. We either hang our laundry on the balcony , the window dryers or on an inside dryer. Landlords are usually not happy about smoking in the apartment or pets, but you will always find someone who is okay with it. Make sure the rules in the lease agreements are not against the law by consulting them with a reliable person or agency. Check our website just to get an idea about the pricing. The rent is decided by the owner of the property, not the agency. The agency fee is one month’s rent including the utilities and includes a personal assistance and translation during the whole process of finding an apartment and signing the lease, bilingual lease agreement and help regarding the apartment or anything related to it. This service isn’t common on the real estate market. is the only agency offering such a complex treatment for their clients.

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