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Moving to a foreign country can be a challenge sometimes, especially if you don’t speak (yet) the language. Luckily for you, there is an option at which will guarantee you assistance for all the small or bigger issues you may encounter. Moreover, we offer a VIP package which ensures you more than smooth settlement, relocation or moving.

VIP Service Package

VIP Service Package includes complex support and assistance to a client regarding his/her rented apartment during his/her stay here in Czech. A client also gets one hour personal assistance at local authorities or offices every 12 months free of charge, discounts for services or events organised by and some other advantages. Agent and Office Coordinator are available for a client during our opening hours of our office (Mon – Fri, 10am – 5pm) or upon availability of your agent.


  • 1-hour personal assistance every 12 months
  • assistance over the phone/email anytime regarding:
    • rented apartment (communication with the landlord, possible issues with your apartment etc.)
    • energy deposits, utilities and internet (registration, termination of contract,..)
    • scheduling an appointment at local authorities, offices
    • prolongation/termination of lease agreements, reminders
    • explanation in Czech
  • reminder before the rental contract expires
  • discount on our events or entrance for free
  • general relocation or orientation-in-town advice
  • special discounted prices for Immigration services or other services – see our website
  • 1-hour personal coaching for free
  • priority care for VIP client


Frequently used services


  • no hot water, broken boiler, defects on heating system, broken furniture, lost/forgotten keys
  • lease termination notice preparation and submission (according to Czech law)
  • change of flatmates, prolongation of contracts
  • informing landlord about changes of rental conditions
  • registration of gas / electricity contracts with your name, paying the deposits, final and annual calculations
  • instructions how to pay the rent
  • oral explanation/interpretation of received letter (in case you get some by post and you don’t understand them)
  • helping to solve issues with neighbours
  • arranging Confirmation of Accommodation (for immigration office)


  • arranging an appointment at any office
  • recommendation of English speaking shops, services, doctors
  • advice where to buy/sell furniture (new or used)
  • integrating you into local community at our monthly MeetUps where you get to know other expats, Czechs and also our team!
  • when you need help with personal issues or personal growth (personal coaching)




Examples of services or questions covered by the package:

  • Water in my apartment does not work. What should I do? Can you help me to fix it?
  • My heating does not heat, can you call my landlord to fix it or find out what is happening?
  • I lost my keys. Can you ask my landlord to provide me a new one?
  • My washing machine is broken. Can you advise me where I can arrange somebody to fix it?
  • I received one mail to my mail box but it is in Czech only. May I send you a scan version by email and can you tell me what it means and what I should do?
  • I need somebody who will translate for me at Immigration office because of my visa, can you go there with me?
  • I am leaving my apartment. Can you help me to hand my apartment over to my landlord so there will be no problem and I will get my security deposit back?
  • I have received an invoice from gas/electricity company and I do not know what to do.
  • There is some water leaking from my neighbour’s apartment. Can you help me?
  • I would like to leave my apartment earlier. Can you help me to discuss conditions with my landlord?
  • My flatmate is leaving the apartment and a new one is moving in. Can you help me to change the name of the flatmate on the contract and announce it to my landlord?
  • I want to stay in the apartment for an extra year. Can you help me prolong my rental contract?
  • How can I pay for my energies in my apartment?
  • I usually pay my rent by bank transfer but this month I need to pay in cash. Can you ask the landlord when and where I can pay the rent to him?
  • I will be out of the Czech Republic. Can you ask the landlord if it is ok for him that I will pay the rent a week later in cash directly to him?
  • I am sick. Can you advise me some English speaking doctor around?
  • Where is some nice and good restaurant? Where can I shop around my apartment?
  • I want to buy some furniture to my apartment?  Where can I buy a new one? Where can I buy some second hand furniture?
  • I am moving out of my apartment. Can you help me to sell my furniture?
  • I need a confirmation of accommodation for my visa application. Can you help me to get it from my landlord?
  • I need to make an appointment at Immigration department / Foreign police but they do not speak English there. Can you please do it for my?

With the VIP Service Package at we will answer


to all the above questions.


Nadya Dyakova

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